Housing Hotline in it's 40th year...

Let's make the 7th Annual Newport Housing Hotline Painting Raffle help this program be even more successful.

We can help! The Newport Housing Hotline provides emergency shelter and vital assistance to Newport County's homeless and struggling population. Jimmy and Barbara Winters (Founders) and Tina Kuiee (Intake Specialist) are working hard (as usual) and we can help.
2019 is Newport Housing Hotline's 40 year Anniversary working in Newport and Newport County helping our fellow community members in need. An important year, marking this milestone, let's help this program be even more successful.
Purchase one (or more) $20 raffle ticket and you could win one of these two Original Tamarind Institute Lithographs while helping the folks of Newport County...
Raffle tickets are $20.00 each for two chances to win one Lithograph.....No limit to your donation.

If you share this email with your friends and family, we can help this program be even more successful.
Last year we raised more than $10,000 for our local Newport County community in need, Let's provide even more assistance this year.
Floating Island
30 inches high by 22 inches wide
Tamarind Institute, Lithograph, 5 color, editions of 10
Signed, 4/10
Evening Cholla
30 inches high by 22 inches wide
Tamarind Institute, Lithograph, 6 color, editions of 10
Signed, 4/10

This year's give away....
In 2018 I was an Invited Artist collaborating with Student Printers and Master Printer Brandon Gunn  at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM. The prints I made are part of the Tamarind Institute Archive. This unique program is widely credited with revitalizing the creative medium of lithography, and continues to provide the only printer training program of its kind in the world.

Tamarind Institute is a non-profit center for collaborative printmaking, dedicated to research, education, and creative projects in fine art lithography. Tamarind encompasses an extensive archive of historic material, a vast print inventory of 8000 lithographs produced by the workshop, and a team of highly trained printers, curators, and print experts. 
Click here to learn more about Tamarind Institute.
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Your Donation is Tax Deductible. Newport Housing Hotline is a registered 501(c)3, Your donation will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL *HOUSINGHOTL.

Prior to 2015, the Housing Hotline received an annual $30,000 Community Development Block Grant to provide vital assistance to the homeless and to serve as a pass-through referral agency. That funding ended in 2015, as new federal regulations made it difficult for small, mostly volunteer efforts to continue receiving such grants. This important small community agency is now dependent on private donations and small grants to support their efforts.

Opening Doors and Keeping them Open
Our Mission is to help the Newport County community's individuals and families in need reach a level of independence and self-sufficiency, while also assisting them to ensure that they have fair, safe and affordable housing by all means.